NZAIPT Annual AGM and Conference 2013

Energy for Life With Pascha Therapy

NZAIPT Conference Schedule 14th September 2013

8.45am ‘Opening Address’

9am ‘Meditation for Energy’ with Yasmeen Clark

9.30am ‘Alkaline Water supplied for the day’ and short explanation with Philippe Atman

9.40am ‘Breakfast of Fresh Juices/Smoothies, Bircher Muesli, Yoghurt & Fruit and Sour Dough & Whole Grain Toast.

10.30am ‘NZAIPT AGM 2013 with Presentation of the Outstanding Pascha Therapist Award – Heart of Gold Trophy and Accreditation Achievements.

12pm ‘Yoga’with Arielle Atman

12.30pm ‘Shared Lunch’

1.30pm ‘Chanting’ with Lucy Cabot

2.15pm ‘ Business Growth’ with Tracey Shewan

2.45pm ‘Running on Empty’ (And other mistaken strategies for success) with Malcolm Scott

3.30pm ‘Afternoon Tea Break’

3.45pm ‘Eat Your Greens’ with Jane Catherine Severn

4.30pm ‘The energy of Grace in illness’ with Lorna Webb

5pm ‘The Energy of your feeling Life’ with Yasmeen Clark

5.30pm ‘Closing Address’