Cambodia School Sponsorship

Volunteer Development Poverty Childrens School in Seim Reap, Cambodia


Yasmeen and Jonathan traveled to Cambodia in July 2007 and made a very strong connection with the Volunteer Development Poverty Childrens School in Seim Reap and its Principal Mr Togh Main, a very warm and gentle Buddhist monk. (Although in his own words he does not wear the robes now as his schools takes up all his time).

The school supports up to 500 children every week, children who would otherwise not be able to afford education. They teach languages, reading, maths and on Saturdays have Buddhist philosophy and moral education.

The Volunteer Development Poverty Children School is in need of support. It has no principle sponsor and exists on donations. It currently has a budget of US$350.00 a month. Yasmeen and Jonathan are personally supporting the school through Pascha Theraipes Ltd and are also promoting this through the NZAIPT, becoming one of the main sponsors.

The NZAIPT makes a monthly donation to the school and we arrange regular stationary and useful goods parcels. We intend to visit the school annually, our next planned trip is for January 08. If you would like to contribute to this wonderful project or would like a more hands on experience of actually contributing at the school please contact us for more information

For more information on the school please go to this website