What is Pascha Therapy?

Pascha Therapy is learning the language of the Soul. It is not an intellectual process, but a conscious experience of your feelings and deeper layers of your Self.

Pascha Therapy supports all who are looking for a more holistic and new way of supporting their life and growth and it is particularly beneficial to those who have been told they are too sensitive or that they feel too much.

This feeling therapy empowers you to trust what you know and feel is right for you, giving a clear experience of your own intuition in very practical ways of living. It also supports and empowers your spiritual growth.

How did Pascha Therapy come about?

In 2004 Yasmeen Clark, with 20 years experience in the field of Spiritual and Personal Growth, acted on the need for more Soul Centred Therapy, and began the first Intuitive Therapy Training Course assisted by Jonathan Spark. 26 trainees begin in the first year.

How do I train to be a PaschaTherapist?

The Pascha Therapist Training is an NZAIPT certificated course comprised of three years training. An optional fourth year of training to become a qualified Pascha Therapist Teacher Trainer, is available to those selected by Yasmeen Clark. This course develops the ability of individuals to consciously express their intuitive ability in support of others.
This course deeply acknowledges the Soul’s wisdom and grows participant’s ability to open to this for themselves. Pascha Therapy is Feeling Based Soul Centred Intuitive Therapy.

Where does the Pascha Therapy training take place?

All training is undertaken at Pascha Nourishing Body and Soul, 6 Elgin Street, Christchurch.

What does the NZAIPT do?
The New Zealand Association of Intuitive and Pascha Therapists was established in 2005 as a legal entity to act as a governing body supporting and promoting trainees and practitioners.
How can I find a Pascha Therapist?

Refer to the Therapists menu for a list of current practising therapists or contact the Pascha Centre.

There is also a Free Clinic which runs on Fridays at the Pascha Centre, which is facilitated by Therapist trainees. Please contact the Pascha Centre on 03-3742526 to make a booking.

Do you run any support groups?

There is an Intuitive Mens Group and a Women’s Circle which operate regularly from the Centre. Click on the “Resources” tab on this site to read more about what is on offer or call the Pascha Centre on phone: (03) 374 2526


Please feel free to contact us if you have any other questions.