Mission Statement

Feelings Based Soul Centred Intuitive Therapy

Our Mission Statement

We aspire to provide quality training in both theory and practical subjects to allow trainees:

  • To achieve the highest confidence in their intuitive ability, attaining certification as a Pascha Therapist.
  • To gain trust in who they are and their place in the world.
  • To have the courage to make positive changes in their lives and support positive changes in others.

The Value of an Intuitive Life

Conscious intuitive ability is the natural result of learning to listen to ourselves.

We all know what is right for us, yet many find it difficult to really trust what we feel.

Some people feel that they are too sensitive or emotional; which leads to doubt around what they feel and how to express this.

When we listen to ourselves, we can access what we know inside without thinking or analyzing to decide if it is right, or whether others will approve or accept us.

Everyday we feel our encounters with others, conversations, experiences, all giving us a sense of who we are. By learning to trust what we feel, our awareness grows. Non spoken energy exchanges are understood. Intuitive Therapist training guides your own confidence with your feelings and intuition, which leads to supporting the feelings of others. When you know how to understand your feelings and, therefore, yourself you will help others to trust what they feel, giving others the permission to follow their own choices and changes in life.

Your feelings are the language of your soul. You will always know what to do when you listen to what you feel. Your intuition will guide your life and support the lives of others, when you can choose it over mental confusion and fear.

The Pascha Method is the foundation of this effective and gentle therapeutic approach. It teaches the value of listening to ourselves and our feelings in a four step process that is clear and naturally reflective of our core inner functions.

You have always known what feels right for you. Now is the time to reclaim your natural awareness. We look forward to sharing this feeling journey with you.

Pascha Therapist Training is a New Zealand Association of Intuitive and Pascha Therapists (NZAIPT) certificated course comprised of three years training, which can lead to training to become a qualified Pascha Therapist Teacher Trainer.

New Zealand Association of Intuitive and Pascha Therapists is a legal entity established to act as a governing body supporting and promoting trainees and practitioners.