Trainee Testimonials

Lou (Year 1 Trainee, 2015)

I’ve been exposed to many trainings and different approaches over the years in the fields of health and spirituality and I can honestly say that the Pascha method is different to everything else I have encountered in some really important ways: first and foremost, I am learning to strengthen my connection with my own Knowing, rather than to seek ‘outside’ for answers from other people (or practitioners). Secondly, I am learning how to open and receive support for the parts of me that need care and attention – and in doing so, it feels like I am reclaiming pieces that have been missing for most of a lifetime.

The result? A life that is beginning to flow, that feels so much ‘bigger’ than before, in which I find more choices and possibilities are open to me, and where I am becoming more of the mother, partner and practitioner I have always dreamed of being. Thanks guys for such an awesome course and for delivering it with such sensitivity, wisdom, honesty – and humour! 🙂

Tess Ward, (Year 1 Trainee, 2008)

The Pascha Therapy Training is challenging at times but always encouraging, supportive, nurturing and gentle. I have participated in a number of training courses over the years and this course feels the best that I have done so far. Without a doubt, the diamond in the ring is Yasmeen, a true teacher and intuitive who really sees into the heart, mind and soul of another, yet holds that awareness with respect, love and compassion.

Christopher Reid (Year 1 Trainee, 2008)

The facilitators are all a shining example of people who have strongly reclaimed their sense of self and their connection to their Soul in everyday life. They have supported me very lovingly on my own journey of reclaiming Self. More and more I feel a strong enough, and consistent enough connection with myself to make space for all parts of me, to stay open to my sensitivity. I am experiencing my sensitivity as a strength. A gift for myself of which I am learning to make available in my support of others.

Cathy Harrington (Year 2 Trainee, 2007)

I have completed the second year of Intuitive Therapy training, and throughout this time Yasmeen, with Jonathan?s assistance, have, in a most loving, non-judgmental and unconditional way accepted my stage of growth, and guided and supported my learning, my understanding and my acceptance of myself. As I become clearer about the way I truly live and respond to myself and to others, and how this effects both myself and others, this developing clarity and intuitive sense shows me the choices I have in accepting and supporting myself. This in turn gives me a developing empathy and understanding towards others, and in supporting others. It is a privilege to attend this course, a loving journey in growth of awareness and intuitiveness to all of self, Soul, and to others in this life.

Karen de Lautour (Year 3 Trainee, 2008)

Pascha Therapy training is an experiential course that teaches directly about life. It teaches about what is happening in a particular moment of our lives (typically right now), why it is unfolding and how to turn to what we are feeling (as opposed to thinking) in order to understand our next steps. It requires us to be patient with ourselves where we have not, gentle with ourselves where we have not and be willing to take tangible direct steps towards what is bothering us or inspiring us in our every day lives. And yet simultaneously it asks us be open and vulnerable to others (I often feel exposed rather than vulnerable!) while we do this. It also asks us to be these very same things with others. Life is full of challenges, this training offers us the encouragement and motivation to face our challenges with support that is uncompromising in its willingness to care for us.

Joanne Winiata (Graduate Training, 2008)

The graduate year is about on going consolidation of what I have already learnt with more of a focus on spiritual development. It takes things to a whole new level. Highly recommend.

Pen Goldstone (Graduate Training, 2008)

The Graduate course has been such a gentle course for me. Supporting me to open and receive more from Spirit and my life. Like a consolidation of all the growth I?ve done over the other years.

Stephen Mulholland (Graduate Training, 2008)

The graduate course has been a very special experience for me. Because of the foundation each person in my group has created within themselves there has been an incredible energy present right from our first meeting. This energy has been a catalyst for me to grow and expand through the year with the support of a very nurturing group. Love is present…and with that healing seems to occur quite naturally as life has invited us all to move forward. I now know how to open to a Source of energy that is always available.

Victoria Riddiford (Graduate Training, 2008)

I have really enjoyed the graduate training course this year. Being surrounded by such caring and supportive people has been such a treat and really feeds me. Working with clients at a large national organisation has at times been very isolating and draining but being a part of a group and to feel supported by their energy has really helped. The energy in the group is absolutely delicious! The course has enabled me to relax deeper into myself and go even further in really owning what I have to offer, owning my energy and feeling the awareness of spirit in everyday life.

Philippe Atman (Graduate Training, 2008)

The Graduate course integrated all 3 previously attended training years for me. It strengthened my connection with myself and especially with spirit. This year showed me what the work as an Intuitive Therapist is really about and therefore allowed me to dive more fully into the work I am here to do. This course is a gift and invitation to anyone who wants to commit to this path and work.

Donna Brookes

I have been both inspired and excited by this much needed Soul Centred therapy training. A truly transformative experience of feeling lovingly supported by Yasmeen and Jonathan, in learning very practical steps of how to support both myself and my clients with both healing and growth. A wonderful mixture of information and experimental delivery has offered a solid knowledge base, coupled with much creativity and fun! I never want to miss a night.

Jennifer Chappell

I have spent 20 years studying many diverse religions and philosophies, exploring self-empowerment and developing my self-awareness. I have meditated with Yogis, journeyed with Shamans, and attended more workshops and courses than I can count. Some have promised much while delivering very little; but nothing so far has allowed me to progress along my path faster and safer than the simple but profound principles upon which this training is based. This course has challenged me to my core but in doing so delivered what it promised: the real, authentic, genuine me. Therefore, I have no hesitation in recommending this training to anyone who is serious about working or living in a more intuitive and balanced way. Yasmeen and Jonathan, along with their past students are all living testimony to the fact that these principles work.

Valerie Gasser

With Yasmeen and Jonathan?s love and care, I have come to realise that life is there to nourish me and invites me to experience myself so that I can nourish life in return. They have supported me to realise that my greatest gift to life is my ability to be myself and participate in the eternal cycles of evolution of humanity.

Ross Petersen

Pascha Therapies Therapist Training and, in particular, the beautiful example of Yasmeen Clark have enabled me to fulfil my deepest desire to reconnect with my growing sense of self.This training has changed my way of life from being achievement-based to being awareness-based; from the distraction of surfaces to the profoundness of Self. This training allows practitioners to understand and connect with client’s core issues and deal with them in such a way that empowers the client with their own insights and awareness, eventually leading to true authenticity and independence. In turn, the training does ask a lot. It asks for openness, self honesty, sincerity, reflection, responsiveness, allowance, balance in all aspects of one’s life and a continuous connection with all higher aspects of oneself. The rewards of this training are instantly commensurate with the appropriateness and extent of one’s effort. This is a life-changing course that mirrors in its practice the abilities in us all.

Paula de Roeper

The expression ‘soul-searching’ really comes into its own on this course. Yasmeen has given me the skills to access and understand mySELF and others to a degree that I had never considered possible before. Through the Pascha Therapist training course I have developed clearer understanding of my purpose and am filled with optimism and excitement about what the future holds and the limitless potential of myself and humanity.
Yasmeen?s teaching has touched me deeply and I know I can only go forward from here ? there?s no going back ? I feel that I am in the midst of an exciting adventure that has been made possible through realizations and insights brought to me through Yasmeen?s gentle encouragement. She creates a safe environment in which to explore the most sensitive of issues, with strength of delivery that generates confidence. Together, Yasmeen and Jonathan ? and, of course, Raman ? offer anyone who embarks on the Pascha Therapy Course, a unique and profound experience that can only enhance our life?s journey and, indeed, the journey of those around us. Whether or not participants embrace Pascha Therapy as a career is irrelevant to the gifts they will acquire through actively engaging on this course and taking on the skills that are offered. I cannot recommend this course enough. It is guaranteed to transform your life.

Gina Luke

Completing the Pascha Therapists course has been the most important step I have taken in my life. The love and support of Yasmeen and Jonathan is second to none. I felt an acceptance I didn?t know existed before. The sense of family I received from everyone in my year was also a new and wonderful experience. Because of all this I felt safe enough to get in touch with and heal painful experiences I had tried to ignore through my life.The very real teachings have made it possible for me to live my life from my heart and equip me with the understanding of what it really means to support myself. I have continued deepening my connection to myself since the end of Year One. I am so very grateful for the continuing support that they have given to me. I completely recommend this course for anyone who is ready to live his or her life consciously, and heal their heart.