About Christopher Reid

Conscious Creative

My goal is to help others – Develop a more heart and soul centred life that brings greater balance, wellness, happiness, while enjoying making a difference in the world, large ways and small.

Conscious living, conscious business

My holistic approach to coaching and counselling is about supporting your self-discovery, healing, and growth to create your life-work balance consciously.
Finding what allows balance is a universal challenge, yet each of us has our unique journey. What within yourself and in life do you need support with? What are your core needs and values? How much do you allow what really makes you happy, do you know what this is?
I hold a non-judgemental, compassionate and calm space for you to consciously feel what is loudest inside of you and work from there. Give yourself an uninterrupted time out from the busyness of life with impartial support…

My support focus

  • Cultivate a depth of self-awareness and know your core needs
  • Do more of what you love, making more time for what’s really important to you
  • Integrate your personal values into your work life
  • Create more quality time with family, friends and your wider community
  • Help others heal and expand their heart beyond old hurts and limitations
  • Hold a light for those suffering from Anxiety and Depression
  • Support men to live courageously with their sensitivity and vulnerability
  • Find greater balance and feel nourished by your Soul’s energy


  • Life-work balance coaching
  • Heart-centred counselling
  • Personal Growth Coaching
  • Workplace Supervision
  • Energy Healing


Conscious Creative
ph 021 0238 4441