About Joanne Winiata – Pascha Therapist

Heartfelt counselling is the Pascha Therapy way of supporting and guiding a person through life experiences that require your attention; to assist in maintaining balance and well being in life.

My gentle approach allows you the opportunity to explore and process what needs your attention inside, in order to open to greater awareness and understanding of yourself. It is through this that you can be shown choices on how to be self supporting in your daily life.

With over 30 years experience as a Registered Nurse I have a special interest in supporting people with illness and chronic disease. I also offer energy healing and supervision for those who work in the health care environment.

Joanne Winiata
Pascha Therapist – mNZAIPT
Reg. Comp. Nurse;  RNBN


Experiences such as:

  • struggling to make choices
  • relationship issues
  • unresolved past experiences
  • life crisis
  • uncertainty
  • adjusting to changes in life
  • unresolved feelings of grief; anxiety; fear; loss; doubt; and depression
  • illness/disease


Appointments are available on Monday’s and Tuesday’s:
Pascha Nourishing Body & Soul
6 Elgin Street, Sydneham
Phone:  ​027 637 7208
​Enquires welcomed


$70 1 hour consultation