Pascha Energy Healing Training Course

Developed by Jonathan Spark and Philippe Atman, Facilitated by Philippe Atman

This course is providing an opportunity to all students and graduates of Pascha Therapies to learn an additional skill for the service of healing you provide to people. It is suitable for absolute beginners in this field as well people who have been trained in other healing modalities, as it introduces a unique way of Energy Healing.

Pascha Energy Healing is the gentle, but powerful hands on care and nurture of the Body and Soul. This form of Energy Healing supports the participant to relax deeply into themselves and experience an amplification of their energy. This can allow for openness to layers of self that have remained out of reach of the mind.

This form of healing supports and rebalances the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies or layers within a client and works in complete harmony with Pascha Therapy as it is feeling based.

Philippe is a healer, who understands the language of energy, and has been walking his own path of healing for many years. In his practice he is assisting people to connect to themselves, open to healing and a heart centred life.

He is running this course once a year for the NZAIPT community.

On this course you will learn about:

  • The Healer inside you
  • Mastering your shadow
  • The Nature of Energy and how to access it consciously
  • The Human Energy System
  • Using Intuition to know what is needed and where/how to apply healing touch
  • Connecting to Healer Guides

At the end of this course you will be able to facilitate your own healing session with a client. Ongoing supervision and training will be available.

Next course:

Cost $495
Begins Sat 1st August 10am-4pm
5 Friday evening classes following:
Fri 7thAug, 14th Aug, 21st Aug, 4th Sept, 18th Sept
All classes begin 7pm

To book please contact Philippe or 021 0260 4545