About the Training

‘If you are ready for a life changing experience of yourself, then you will set a course towards a fulfilling career in service of human life and spirit.’

The training will be suitable for those who are wanting to work in an intuitive capacity with people through many modalities of therapy and healing. This includes bodywork and physical therapies, areas of health and well-being, massage, physiotherapy, osteopathy etc, emotional growth and healing, counseling, mental health and balance, spiritual support and guidance, guiding and supporting others in their lives, while also fulfilling a wonderful sense of purpose in your own. You will learn how to develop your own skills and abilities, strengthening your connection to yourself and your relationships with others. Your life work and purpose will become clear to you during and by the end of this course, giving meaning to your growth and way of being in this world.

If you are ready for a life changing experience of yourself, then you will set a course towards a fulfilling career in service of human life and spirit. You will receive support in developing confidence in your intuitive ability. You will be encouraged to commit to practices that support the work you want to do and benefit your overall life and well-being. You will learn how to develop business practices that ensure growth and prosperity. Creating cards and brochures that reflect your energy and ability. Graduates will be recognised with a New Zealand Association of Intuitive and Pascha Therapist Certificate.

The Pascha Therapy Training will challenge you in your growth and development. You will be encouraged to let go of old ways of living, embracing the willingness to trust yourself and listen to your inner self. Following an aware path of action and response to life and others, you will gain confident knowledge to support working intuitively with others and within your own life.

We receive many applications for the training but numbers are limited to ensure maximum benefit to individuals. We ask that trainees are committed to completing the training year and to their obligation to pay course fees in accordance to the chosen payment option, or better. We do not refund if you do not continue the training year.

It is my hope and wish that this training will support you in all areas of your life. Whether you wish to develop your current areas of work and life further or grow into service as a Human Guide, you will receive the necessary support to be all that you have in potential to be.

The New Zealand Association of Intuitive and Pascha Therapists (NZAIPT)

The NZAIPT has been established as a legal governing body to support both practitioners and clients. This Association upholds and represents the standards for Pascha Therapists to be supported by and work within.

Pascha Therapist Pascha Method Training
Facilitated by Yasmeen Clark

Yasmeen draws from a foundation of deep personal, professional and spiritual knowledge in her guidance and teaching of these classes. Her unique life gives her deep experience and insight into spiritual and human learning and growth. Her intuitive and spiritual abilities have been conscious since birth. Yasmeen teaches from the knowledge gained through her relationship with Raman Pascha over the past 24 years and her own intuitive experience of life.

Pascha Therapist Pascha Method Training
assisted by Jonathan Spark

Jonathan has been working, assisting and training alongside Yasmeen and Raman for the past 16 years. During this time he has learned intimately the path of an Intuitive Therapist and brings personal experience and anecdote to support and assist the growth and learning of trainees.

Teacher Trainees

The NZAIPT Teacher Trainee Programme requires that, as part of their training, teacher trainees will be present most days during the year 1 training, in a supportive and educational role. They also attend years 2 and 3 combined training days and allocate year 2 training dates in the 4th term.

Assistant Teachers

Our Assistant Teachers draw from at least four years training, plus their own private practise as Intuitive Therapists to work in a supportive role alongside Yasmeen and Jonathan, while providing individual supervision and running supervision groups for trainees.

Welcome to this year. May you feel embraced by the NZAIPT community of Pascha Therapists.

You are invited to understand this journey that goes beyond the normal human life and encompass all your senses.
To be a Pascha Therapist is to understand and interpret the language that is common to all, yet may not be conscious in many. To know the language of your feelings.

~ Raman Pascha