Feel More, Feel Better course

Year One Training

In a time of rapid change in our world, knowing how to listen to yourself and how to trust what you know feels right to you has never been more important.

The Pascha Therapy Training course gives you the personal skills to support yourself and ultimately others from a clear and connected place within.

The Year One course begins in February 2015 and is 100 hours over the year. This training allows you to discover the meaning of what you feel and why, deepening your own self-awareness and intuition. The first year training is suitable for supporting other modalities of working, along with supporting your own life and well being, or ultimately leading to becoming and working as a Pascha Therapist. This is a life changing course that will awaken you to the natural Self-awareness ability we all have yet may not always recognize.

Appointments are being held now for an interview prior to training, along with the Prospectus outlining the full training information. You can find out more on this website or call the Pascha Centre Office to talk to someone or arrange an interview. We look forward to seeing you soon and sharing the journey of empowerment that comes through listening to our feelings.

Love Yasmeen x