Teacher Training

Pascha Therapist Teacher Training Year Four began in 2007. This is open to Year Three trainees who have gained accreditation and or have a growing client base of work as an Pascha Therapist.

You will need to be committed to living and working intuitively in their own lives, have a desire to help guide people to understand what they feel and support the healing of this. Holding a real care for and interest in people, their lives and needs.

Year Four trainees will need to be confident in working with feelings and their intuition and be comfortable with the Pascha Method, supporting others through their feelings, growth and healing.

You will need to show an interest in being part of the Pascha Therapies team in educating and supporting people with and about feelings, intuition and the process of working with this in life.

Opportunities may develop for working with this individually in areas of interest. There is the potential for a growing work base as a Teacher in courses, groups and classes.

The fourth teacher training year involves attendance at all Year One training Saturdays and nominated Tuesday evenings, attendance at Year Two and Three combined days and some Year Two training days in the last quarter of the year. Year Four training days will be one evening per month. Dates to be advised with registration form.

You will learn about supervision and becoming a competent supervisor. Be available to offer supervision on a one to one basis for other Pascha Therapist trainees.

Learning to teach and guide the Pascha Therapy training process is a large part of Year Four training, supporting all trainees to learn the Pascha Method.

Maintaining your client base through the year is essential. You will receive individual attention, support and inclusion in this growing work and energy. Priority will be given to all Year Four trainees for individual supervision, which will be essential to your training.

You will be eligible for selection for Year Four Pascha Therapist Teacher Training if you fulfill some of the following:

  • Have attained accreditation and have a growing regular client base.
  • Have a growing regular client base toward accreditation.
  • Have a confident personal practice of the Pascha Method working towards a regular client base and accreditation.
  • Have a desire to join the Intuitive Therapies team and be an Pascha Therapist along with one of the above.


It is a requirement before registration that all interested persons talk with Yasmeen before submitting their registration. This is to ensure that this course will support their individual needs adequately.

Please contact the Pascha office to make enquiries.