Trainee Testimonials 2009/2010

Anne Marie Holland

My second year of Pascha training has not only been a natural evolution from the important growth I experienced during year one but it has enriched my personal life. I find myself in a space that enables me to hold both myself and the clients I work with. Simply put I am starting to feel and thus experience the Pascha way of being. I encourage all Year One students to seriously consider continuing on with their training; as much as for their professional development as for the gifts it brings to the self. As before, I have to mention my class mates, Jonathan and Janet whom make this unique experience something I am able to share from the heart and with my heart .Love to you all.

Gill Redden

I am 3rd and final year of Inuitive Therapies. Every lesson I have had light bulbs go off – how I have been in life with other people and other situations, what I can do, how I can support myself and let others in. Recognising my patterns and what runs them and choosing to change. I am a very different, more contented, softer person and I am enjoying my life ride. If you choose to enter in to this course, enjoy!

Kate Clare

” How do you begin to express what it means to have your life changed? ” I came into this course believing that I would be learning new skills that I would practise & hone to support the lives of others, only to find that my life was & still is changing, sometimes dramatically, along the way. I had know idea that this experience was going to effect me as much as it has – but – It Did!
I’m grateful for the love & support because without this, I possible would not of found the courage to allow myself to find my journey back home, & through these experiences, is were I am learning to become open, & how to support others. Thank you

Louise Year 2

I am so grateful for the training as I consider the expansion it has brought to my life and acknowledge how there is no longer room to ponder not living life in this way. Though there have been challenges there has never once been any lack of support or loving guidance towards the next steps for my growth. I feel so confident about this method of Therapy and know first hand the gift of self you’ll receive from it as your fears ease and your heart opens to love. The community at the Pascha Centre provides such an inspiring platform for the possibilities of all that you can create in your life. Come to know yourself as you share your struggles and achievements with others who hold so much love and compassion for this journey assisting you to be who you truly are!

Paul Sterk

Year one of the Pascha Therapy Course has been an interesting journey.
Not knowing what to expect I descended into a deeper part of my being.
Difficult? Yes, for sure. But it was well worth following the path that I was guided into. The Pascha Center staff provides a very good guidance into a deeper awareness of my emotional world.
I never feel pushed or forced into a corner. They have a lot of patience and time to teach you about your intuition.
Something I knew I had but forgot how to us it. Let the journey continue!!!


This training has allowed myself to see my protections and patterns more clearly. It is assisting me to increase my awareness so that I can gradually transform certain aspects of myself. There have been a couple of times during this year when I have had a love/hate relationship with the training because of what it is asking of me. Sometimes it is not easy to trust and surrender to the process but gradually I am learning how to do this within a supportive learning environment.

Tusiata Avia, Year 1

I signed up for the year one course with the idea that I would do it solely for my own personal development. I was expecting it to be helpful but I had no real idea what a profound impact it would have on me and my life. It has continued, deepened and accelerated the support I have gained from Pascha therapy and energy healing. The year one course is largely responsible for ‘fast tracking’ the significant emotional and spiritual growth and healing I’ve experienced this year. I often find myself quietly astonished at the changes in my self and my life in a relatively short period of time. It’s my intention to continue with the course and am open now to the possibility of going on to practice in the future.

A in Year 2

Faith and trust in my Self are the two big growth words for my training in Year Two. It is not an easy year, or, in my case, perhaps a year of clear clarity, but if you are willing to say yes to your growth and consciously be open to, and gentle with, your feelings, no matter how uncomfortable they may be, then your growth and healing will accelerate. You really feel your needs, rather than simply know them, and what supports you and what does not. Your confidence will increase, your resistance lessen. Know that the Universe will always back you in your growth, and cradle you if you stumble. The fulfilment or potential of one’s soul journey is broadened and accentuated. Bring on Year Three!

Stephanie Berry

When I began this years training it was with a feeling of “coming home” and a strong desire to embrace all that lay ahead of me on this inward journey. I believed that coming to the Pascha Centre was “coming home” only to discover that I was coming home to myself ? a place I had always known but long forgotten ? I had been home all along.

It has been a year of many seasons. A year of lost love, hopes and dreams and of great sadness and grief. A year of new beginnings and of changes that I never dreamed of. There have been days of many tears that seemed to grow into weeks and days of great joy and discoveries. I have met wounded parts of myself that have been long buried and I have shone light on these places of darkness and reached back with love and tenderness to the little girl who has been so lost.

I am learning to open my heart to all that I am and to all that is around me. I am opening my eyes to the love and beauty that has been within and around me from the beginning ? if only I had chosen to see.

I have looked fear in the face and offered it love. I have met with sadness and joy, laughed with gay abandon and wept with the fullness of grief. My heart has ached so I couldn’t breath and it has pounded with excitement and love. I have been angry and wild with fear. I have wounded and been wounded. I have experienced the full array of human emotion and begun to unveil the trueness of me. I have never once doubted the path I have chosen.

I am learning to let go of all that no longer feeds my soul or nourishes my heart. I am allowing myself to trust my own knowingness and to let go of the opinions and beliefs of others. I am choosing what is right for me.

I have moved closer to my own innate spirit and am learning to embrace my spirit guides ? to leave the fear of this unknown behind, trusting that there is no growth in a perceived safety. I can no longer deny my spirituality and that we are all one ? whether seen or unseen.

I have been guided and supported with such beautiful tenderness and love ? such as I have never before felt in this lifetime. I have so much gratitude and love for all the beautiful angels – human and spirit – at the Pascha Centre and for all my teachers ? for the lessons knowingly given and for those teachings from the souls who knew not that they were teaching me. I have learnt much and have much to learn.

I have shared this year’s journey with the most loving, gentle, soulful beings who have all in their own way, by showing a part of themselves, shown me a part of myself that is ready for healing and nurturing. I have made some beautiful heartfelt friendships along the way and embraced all that has been laid in front of me.

I am learning to fly ? I am but a fledgling ? I am still growing my wings and that is just as it is meant to be.