Year One Training

Feeling Based Soul Centred Intuitive Therapy

You will learn to understand feelings, yours and others; knowing what is felt, what it means and how to respond. Your relationship with your self, your feelings and intuition will be strengthened as you learn how to deeply listen to yourself.

Year One is a 100 hour course where you will learn to know the meaning of what you feel and why, and the skills to support yourself emotionally using the Pascha Method. This will deepen your self awareness and intuition. The skills you gain in the first year will support you for the rest of your life. Particularly suitable for those who feel too sensitive or who wish to know how to trust what they feel and know is right for them in life without feeling wrong or up against others. You will have the opportunity to ask questions, receive the Pascha Course Prospectus, information Registration Brochure and talk to current trainees, Graduates and Teachers. Year One and Two of the Pascha Course can lead to the Year Three Pascha Therapist Training year. Year One the Pascha Method, Know Your Feelings – Know Yourself course is a foundation year for developing conscious intuitive awareness and ability of your feelings and self. This teaches a clear understanding of how intuition works. Developing conscious intuition as being different to instinctual intuition.

The Pascha Method is taught as the foundation of Intuitive awareness and feeling work. Year One training is suitable for people interested in strengthening their intuitive ability in working with others or simply for themselves. The Pascha Method supports all modalities of working with people, from massage, counselling, nursing, business etc.

All areas of life are strengthened with a confident sense of knowing and responding to your life and work. It is also an essential life skill.

Training Content

This first year course requires students to be open to developing a strong understanding of themselves, their feelings, emotions, strengths and abilities. You do not need to know you want to be a Pascha Therapist to complete year one, as your growth through the year will reveal to you a much clearer understanding of your Soul?s purpose, nature and desire.

In this first year you will learn about the language of your feelings and intuition. You will be asked to begin putting into practice living intuitively within your own life and working honestly with what this asks of you.

This year is going to ask you to really get to know yourself and through this you will develop clear understanding of your intuition and the power it can have in your own and others lives. This training is a mixture of interactive, practical and teacher based learning with assignments given throughout the training.

You will receive comprehensive written notes to study throughout the year. Your course progress is assessed throughout the year, with test questions at the end of the course. There are training supervision group evenings throughout the year to support you and your growth. These are a part of your training. Supervision supports your needs and is an opportunity to attend to things that may arise through your training.

You will receive your first year?s membership to the NZAIPT free of charge at the end of year one. A quarterly NZAIPT newsletter will be sent to you to let you know of up coming events and the Annual General Meeting. You may be considered an associate member of the NZAIPT (AMNZAIPT) at the end of your first year; For the purposes of achievement, your business cards and brochures etc.

Cost and registration of Year One Training

(All Prices are in New Zealand Dollars)

Full cost of course is $2530.00 inclusive of GST.

Deposit $500 on registration

Payment options

Option 1:
$500.00 deposit upon registration.
$200.00 reduction if paid in full at commencement of course:
$500.00 deposit + $1830.00 = $2530.00

Option 2:
$500.00 deposit upon registration.
$1015.00 by 20 May, $1015.00 by 20 August

Option 3:
$500.00 deposit upon registration.
10 monthly direct debit deposits of $203.00 to be made on the 20th of each of the following months and ending November

Hours of Training and Registration

The first year is comprised of 100 hrs training commencing in February. This first year training runs throughout the year until Graduation in November.

Generally one Tuesday evening and one Saturday per month. Supervision group is one Monday evening per month and included as part of your training package.


It is a requirement before registration that all interested persons talk with Yasmeen before submitting their registration. This is to ensure that this course will support their individual needs adequately.

Please contact the Pascha office to make enquiries. This is a limited numbers course that draws a lot of interest so early registration is recommended.